Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 52 - Lazy A

Hi--I’m Jenny Andersen from Blue Hill, Nebraska.  I live on a farm (Lazy AA Land and Cattle Co.) with my husband (the farmer) and my 2 sons (17, 6).  I have a full time job in town.  My husband also runs a side business doing trenching and dirt work (Andersen Custom Services).  We raise Red Angus/Red Limousine cross cattle.  He is very tolerant of my 'horse addiction' but will tell me that he can have another pair for every horse that I get rid of.  I keep telling him that I would consider that seriously if we ever get to stocking capacity on the pasture that we have!  (not even close, buddy!)

'Sedona' Star Dust is my gray AQHA/FQHA mare, she is 10 and after a pretty solid first season as my main trail mount ready for about anything.  She is still not seasoned but is turning into a solid trail partner with continued effort on my part.

Buddy is a chestnut TWH, he is 5 and shows signs of being a good trail partner with lots of wet blankets.  He is still very flighty and not the easiest with other horses so not ready for public rides but hoping to get time at home.
Roo is our miniature that is just great driving.  We are having a lot of fun with him. 

We lost a couple of good horses last year and I sent 3 mares up to Camp Kitaki and I hope that they enjoy them.  I bought my son a new AQHA Palomino gelding Sunny but he fell in love with Xena the Percheron mare we bought to drive and I don’t think is going to be back in the saddle on that Pali anytime soon.

I tracked miles last year and did pretty poor at remembering my tech.  I would say by the end my goal was to not be LAST!  But it did really help me track my time/miles and I actually turned in sheets to the APHA, TWBEA, and AQHA programs I am also signed up for.  LOL  It was a lot of FUN!

I enjoy trail riding with my friends, improving my riding with some clinics and would love to think about doing some CTR, or maybe just volunteer at one!  I find that making a schedule for new places I want to ride and planning my riding helps me make it a priority.

I love to ride and camp and enjoy telling stories around the fire.  I have a few good ones!  Hope to see you on the TRAILS!


2012 / 203.69 Miles / 41st Place


  1. January 7, 2013

    I met up with the Harness Hustlers Driving Club for a Sleigh Ride day. What a great experience. I kep tturning the GPS on and off because we kept switching teams and there was a team of Percherons and a team of sorrel mules. Gorgeous day! We rode around the Crystal Lake Recreation Area around the roads and the park area. It was a wonderful day.

    Miles driving: 2.8 (in huge circles! LOL)

    Total: 2.8

    1. actually that was on Sunday, January 6th!

      My profile pic is a huge milestone moment! That mare hates water...and it was a drama to get her to the point that she would step in that stream!

  2. Huge weekend. I have rode here and there over the last few months, but I have not managed to remember my GPS so here are my next official miles.

    FRI-- April 19, Working Cow Horse Clinic in Grand Island, NE. GPS kept blipping in and out but a shocking 6.3 miles in circles and in parking area of facility... I guess I should have something for 8 + hours in the saddle.... Of course, my horse did pace an awful lot when the other horses would just stand and rest... Imagine how much I would have gotten if the GPS hadnt kept blipping and then finally died. LOL

    Sat--April 20, Mike Guerini Clinic in Hastings, NE with Hastings Saddle Club. Did a turn around the track and around facility and then 6.5 hours in the saddle in the indoor arena (dusty...) should get bonus points. Again GPS dipped in and out but did get an amazing 7.1 miles

    Sun--April 21, Mike Guerini Clinic in Hastings, NE with Hastings Saddle Club. Did all in the outdoor. conditions were perfect. worked on boxes, suppleness exercises. Did a scramble, which was a total hoot. Lots and lots of speed transitions. lot and lots and lots of rail work. Cantered my horse! I never canter... about 6 hours in the saddle. Never lost the GPS and still had 8.4 miles... WOW

    Big Weekend. We are tired!

    2.8 (previous)


    TOTAL : 24.6

  3. Rode at Bader Park Friday April 26. Great day with some fun gals. Had originally hoped to stay the weekend, but next time, just for the day this time out. My mare did pretty good. Little bit wound up at the beginning of the ride and we did a TON of tipping the nose in and moving the hind over and it was a LOT more work. I did this every time she picked up the trot without me asking for it and she became a whole lot less interested in doing that. We tried to stay at the back of the pack. Usually she is pretty happy in that spot but that day she really wanted to moving out and quick and then when she didnt she was a piddler. We did several 'have to' water crossings that were pretty wide and did have one pretty huge flying leap (again, missed calling.. hunter-jumper?). Last year when we were here she was terrified of just being near that river and didn't even hesitate this year to walk along-side of it, so major strides. We did one final water crossing where she was fairly good. She put her foot out and almost step, then almost step, and I am refusing to look at the ground but just forward and up and then she stepped in gentle, 3 slow easy steps, then one big heave to get the last bit... but not a JUMP, we are getting there... Did do some pretty exciting cantering for lengthy time, and transitioned up and down speed several times with no trouble. My pleasure rocking chair canter horse is about the speed of the TWH slow gait, and slower than the other QH trots... hahaha, seemed so fast at first.. Most of the gals did about 6 miles, some more, some less. 'Miss be all over the place' had a bit of a more challenging trip and we did 7.72.
    Enjoyed some great fellowship around the fire. Lots of folks had their dogs with and I enjoy other peoples pets in the camp so I pet lots of dogs and enjoy seeing all the different breeds. Looky-looed and all of the gals trailers and how they are set up. Anticipated all the things I will try and coerce my husband into buying me down the road. 2 weeks and I have a birthday list for him.. LOL, FAT chance... :) But dreaming is fun!

    24.6 Previous
    + 7.72 = 32.32 total miles YTD

  4. Was not able to make it back to Bader Park with some of my pals, but did do a short ride at Prairie Lake Rec Area south of Juniata. We are having the PRR Central ride there on Wed and my club had been planning to make sure we didnt need to give anything attention. It had a ton of Rec folks fishing, kayaking, and some 4wheelers that are not allowed but were revving up all over the place and trying to give me horse a stroke. We got a little stretch of the legs but it was a hard fought 1.31 Miles and I was happy to find a got stopping point where she finally relaxed a tiny bit and I got some releases for her. She did pretty good for all the chaos that was going on there.

    32.32 Previous
    + 1.31= 33.63 total miles YTD

  5. Had a good weekend day finally on friday. Went to the Foudnation Quarter horse association show in Grand island. My horse threw a shoe last night so went over to my farriers place and had a new one put on. While we were there I rode one of her horses and one of mine and did a whole lot more than I ever realized moving around objects and loping circles and doing speed transitions on the rail.

    33.63 Previous
    + 3.15= 36.78

  6. Got sick on Friday Before Mothers Day and didnt make the ride. I am bummed.. Guess that kidney stone didnt care! LOL

    did make it to Branched Oak later and got some really nice ride time in on the trails around there. My horse is still settling in but great times. Saw some joggers, kiddos playing an airsoft war with their dads and just great friends.

    Branched Oak on Sedona

    May 11, am 8.89
    May 11, pm 4.58

    May 12, am 7.61

    May 12, pm at Tammy Musils's on Curly... 4.04

    GREAT weekend!

    Previous total= 36.78

    36.78 + 8.89 + 4.58 + 7.61 + 4.04 = 61.09

  7. Rode the Peckerneck Trail in Alma, NE with some good friends. Great ride although got quite hot in the afternoon and I need to have an water bottle attached to me...

    Sedona--15.2 miles

    61.09 + 15.2 = 76.29

  8. Rode Big Canyon with good friends. Great ride. Put a ride report on Horsetales. GREAT GREAT scenery

    Sedona--Sat 06/01/2013--9.3
    Sedona--Sun 06/02/2013--8.69

    76.29 + 9.3 + 8.69 = 94.28

  9. 06/08/2013--Riding around after the Bladen horse show. Just goofing around my place and in the small arena on Sedona, Nutmeg and Louie



    Rode Skip, He is a pleasure bred paint gelding that I havent had all that long. he is so awesome... I have so many good horses.


    95.09 + 2.13 + 1.9= 99.12

  10. Had a busy week. Still trying to get in a couple of rides a week no matter what I have going on.


    Rode Skip at the Boy Scout Camp. I hauled him up there to let them use him to be in their Order of the Arrow Call Out ceremony. He was a bit edgy bc I had brought him to my friends house early that morning and he had hung out there all day and he was really unsettled. as soon as I got to the camp I got him saddled and took off through the trees trying to get him on his job. Very important that he be safe ride for them tonight. We had a good time riding around the camp area and got him settled in well.

    4.5 miles. amazing how you can cover the miles when you are really moving out.

    6/16/2013--SKip again at the Guide Rock horse show. We just rode around the warm up arena and did the stake race and the keyhole. He waas a lot of fun. But for nearly 3 hours on that horse only

    5.4 miles

    99.12 + 4.5 + 5.4 = 109.02

    YAH!!! im over 100!!!

  11. Sounds like a fun day :-) Congrats on getting over 100 miles!!!

  12. Havent logged any miles in forever. Had a surgery in July that really set me back. My horse got its cobwebs dusted off for the PRR that I hosted at my house. Nice and easy ride around the pastures.

    109.02 + 4.64 = 113.66

  13. Glad to see you are riding again and your surgery went well!

  14. Went to the PRR ride at Liberty Cove just West of Lawrence, NE. Nice NRD place to ride. We rode out across the dam and around through the back. There was a nice group of riders and we enjoyed lots of nice conversation. I rode a horse that I dont use too much. I have a paint pleasure bred gelding that is a driving horse. I was really hustling to make this ride so told husband that the first horse to walk in my halter was going on this ride. So 'Skip' got to be a trail horse! I was a little uncertain as he really didnt handle tying at the trailer and saddling up well. Until that moment I would have said he is one of my most solid horses. He jigged back and forth and really struggled to respect my space and we had to school a couple of times. He really wanted to know where these other strange horses were. When we got moving he really wanted to go! He is my most passive horse in the herd and the bottom of the ladder. He wanted to be the leader. He wanted to walk out and handled everything we put at him. I was definitely more tentative than he was. he tends to rush down hill a bit and I was slowing him up quite a bit. We did stop and just visit and enjoy on the ride and it was great. The temperature was gorgeous and company fun. What a great night. Only 4.74 miles but ahhh the 'horse therapy' that I needed. Posted some nice pics on my FB page. Got a really nice one of the sunset on the lake that I LOVE!

    113.66 + 4.74 = 118.4

  15. I went to Turkey Creek Ranch while a bunch of you were at the trail challenge. We stayed in the cabin on the hill and enjoyed the Air conditioning and real beds! Lol

    Charlee keeps meaning to replace the 4 wheel drive engagement system on my pickup and I forgot that he had left it unhooked… (I really am a scout mom… but not prepared). There is a small pump that makes the transfer case switch and he wants to replace it. We pull into the drive and barely make it into the place. Decide to unload horses and drop some trailer weight to try to get parked on the hill because I am tearing up grass and accomplishing nothing. Horses get to pens and are settling and I go do a turnaround in the campground and GUN it to get enough momentum to get up the hill to park. It felt like I was going fast but no one will know since Lynetta declined to ride in the truck for that part of the adventure!

    We had planned meals to share so had all kinds of delicious salads and sloppy joes for supper and went for a short ride around the place. We rode out through the camp and over the Old Bridge and then back around a meadow. Here comes a young deer who is grazing and he starts to run and then kind of runs right at our group but really at the lead rider Jessica Vallery on Cutter. I am pretty sure my mare didn’t really realize he was there yet and was being a bit distracted and I was sure as soon as she figured out the deer was there she was going to jump sideways and do a mini freak out so I wanted Jessica to shoo him away. He ended up standing there maybe 8-10 feet from Cutter checking us out and then finally bounded off. Funniest thing I have seen in ages! Ended up the evening riding around the back to the cabin again. Great night.
    Got up and saddled after a breakfast of Oatmeal and apples that were made in a crockpot. Yum! Went for a ride up to the cabin and there are some new trails that I had not been on over that way. It was very nice and I remember being very anxious on that trail last time because it came around the edge of the cabin. But now, trying to control erosion they route you to the side of the trees and it is much nicer for me as I don’t every feel like I am walking up on that ‘edge’ where the cabin is built. Went through a lot of really nice hill and shaded trails through the pastures. These are the trails that will take you up to the back side of the look out area that you can also get to from the highway if you want to drive/walk up there. We did not go that direction but noticed it on the map later.
    Took it easy and had a nice lunch and headed into Vermillion because it was so hot. They were having a RibFest and the smell was amazing. There was a car show with lots of beautiful entries and we explored the small shops in their downtown. What a nice day! We hit the walmart and got some goodies to head back. Had a nice ride that evening. We explored the wooded trails which are my very favorite.
    Sunday morning we went out toward the cabin on the hill seeing a huge flock of Turkeys! Wow. Then we did the edge trails that are the Back Country. We did not go all the way back to the hay fields, but stayed in the groomed trails. They were very hilly with big ups and big downs. We stopped frequently to let the horses puff and take a rest. The woods were all shaded. I had never been on this section of the trails before. It was very beautiful. We went back to camp on the Bobcat trail. I was wondering if someone spotted a bobcat on that section to give it a name or if a Bobcat had cleared it… LOL it was obvious either a tractor, small bulldozer or loader tractor had made significant effort to cut this trail.
    Got cleared up and loaded everyone. Worried about getting our with all the horses and my lack of 4 wheel drive on the hill but decided I would go first that way if I got stuck I kept everyone to help me! HAHAHA. No problems, although I sure did not slow down or stop for anyone on that exit area.
    Total miles 16.51
    118.4 + 16.51 = 134.91

    1. That trip was so much fun! We are going to have a blast next year also!

      I still can't believe that Cutter was totally okay with that deer coming right up to him... I was just waiting for the spook... maybe he is a half way decent horse... naw!

      Had a great time riding with you! Wish we could get together more often and ride.

  16. I put a long ride report on horsetales and if anyone wants me to repeat it I guess i could. Did 8.31 miles at Oak, NE trail ride. it is awesome ride. I only did half the ride.

    134.91 + 8.31 = 143.22

    1. Loved your report on Horsetales. Thought about going to this ride, but didn' wish I had of :-)

  17. Rode at Lawrence at Liberty Cove Wed and it was gorgeous!

    143.22 + 3.32 = 149.54...

    My goal is to break 250 by end of year!

  18. Great weekend. Pioneer Camporee, who knew you could go so far in circles... LOL all driving 8.63 miles

    Sunday the St Jude Ride at Liberty cove 6.79 miles. I was the sweep rider. It was really nice. Have decided to try some blunt tip spurs on my mare and they are awesome. just a little better and so responsive.

    146.54 + 8.63 + 6.79 = 161.96

  19. Halsey 4H ride. Great awesome weekend. Will put ride report on Horsetales but its too long for here.

    Sat am-- 5.76
    Sat pm--9.90
    Sun am--6.29

    161.96 + 5.76 + 9.9 + 6.29 = 183.91 miles

  20. Awesome week.

    Driving Poor Roo in a millions circles given little children pony cart rides har far can you go in 2 hours and one exhausted miniature horse... oh yeah. 4.1 miles! WOW

    183.91+all that is 233.41 but check my math... LOL I want to break 250... thats my GOAL!! :)

  21. Planning to go to Calamus next weekend to Sherry Jarvis's place for a last hurrah before the EXPO!! Will see how much the weather cooperates!


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