Sunday, December 9, 2012

Team 11 - Blue's Clues*

My name is Jamie. I live south of Lincoln, Nebraska. Ever since I can remember I've sought out horses, and have been lucky enough to get to ride them too, since I grew up in town with a 'horse illiterate' family I didn't know if that would happen. I had friends who taught me to ride with the 'Hold on Jamie!' attitude, got to go to a few Girl Scout riding camps, finally started taking english riding lessons in middle school to learn to jump, and got my first horse, Clue, my junior year of high school. I've done everything with Clue, from jumping and dressage to moving cattle and showing 4H and open shows... and now pretty much just trail riding.

I got the other member of our team, Cherokee, 11 years ago about this time of year (January/February) for my yet unborn daughter. He hasn't been as trained as Clue, but he's a great trail horse and is learning to drive (my other passion, as I've 'spent some hours' driving draft teams in college and one of my jobs).

I still doubt I'll be logging a lot of miles, but have some hope as long as my daughter (Team Silver Spur) is as excited about doing this as she is now.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and have been fighting to keep most of my riding ability... which is there, just not as strong as it once was and I am very grateful for the people who have helped me to get out and get miles in for 2012.  Looking very much forward to logging some more miles!!

2012 / 200.2 Miles / 43rd Place


  1. I need a mule... then my team would be smart assed.... lol (sorry Leigh, I really like your 'half assed' name!)

    Definitely not going for the win or top ten, but the distance. Figured it out and if I can get 25 miles in a month I'll have 300 for the year. I got 200 in for 2012 (well just shy right now, with 4 days left at time of posting) without aiming for a goal, so 300 should be doable.

  2. 1-9-13
    .87 miles
    .87 miles YTD

    FINALLY got out! 2 family Christmases and a bladder infection later. hmph. Haven't learned much in my 'old age' either! Been wanting to get our 5? yr old my MIL sent down last fall more in my riding string, so, 2 weeks off riding myself, and more for Blondee - I grabbed Blondee. Started good, until the neighbors fired up their 4-wheeler and the cattle got playful. SO need to stick to Clue and Cherokee! Nothing happened, other than my nerves being shaken the worse they ever been with a horse. grr.

    Time: 39:07
    Moving Time: 20:49
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.5 mph
    Max Speed: 3.3 mph

    1. So glad you got out and rode today :-) Sorry it was a scary ride :-(

    2. I shouldn't have chose the green-ish (young, follow the leader camp horse) horse when neither of us had ridden for a while! She actually wasn't bad, I think it was all the power I could feel was on the brink of not hearing me! lol Wish I would have had her when I showed and chased cows! lol

  3. 1-11-2013
    .57 miles
    1.44 YTD

    Yeah, so was planning on a couble miles in the wind on this 50* day here in NE, before going and whitnessing my maid of honor's, almost 7 years ago, wedding. So I was on a time schedule. almost an inch of rain yesterday, and with snow melt and frost coming out, it made for soupy gravel (?, after today!) roads and Jayda stayed home because bus didn't want to get stuck. Good, thinks me, because I didn't know how I was going to catch my horse and if I could saddle him once I got him. So, we decide to go catch our horses and go log some miles (this is around 11). Only, Jayda couldn't catch the old mare. She got my Cherokee, and, after much discussion, decided that she could ride double with me (does this coun?!). Well, this is at maybe 1. Cherokee's pretty done with the wind, done being away from everyone, and, well, done. I get on and work him through some 'rethink it moves', and go to pick up Jayda. She's fairly well done too, forgets how to get on behind someone, freaks out and hides in our SGB (shop/garage/barn), and finally comes out to talk to Cheroke. It gave her her confidence back after she told him how much she needed him to help her by being good (he had taken one step to rebalance with the first attempt while she'd been figuring out how to get on). We got it done and I took a couple laps in our front lawn - I figure .20 from the garmin player and tracks (she'd have a kaniption if I post for her!). Anway, Cherokee's still a little, 'WTH is up with this BS?! Let's go somewhere or put me back with everyone else!' and I can feel him getting strained doin circles with an adult and small adult sized kid on him, Jayda's feeling better, so she gets off and we go walk in the soup, since practically no one's on it. Only was on about 30 min.s, but made it to get cleaned up and whitness. :-)

    1. Wow, that was quite the afternoon. Glad Jayda got her confidence back. My horses were very frisky yesterday too, I think cuz of the warm weather. You be safe out there :-)

  4. 1-18-12
    2.43 miles (Diane had 2.5, but she circled back a few times)
    3.87 miles YTD

    Love the 50* January days, hate that it's strong wind that brings it! Rode with Diane and a couple other area riders at a 'new to me' lake this afternoon.

  5. 1-20-13
    1.32 miles
    5.19 miles YTD

    Jayda and I took a 'western dressage' lesson today. Didn't know how it'd go since neither Jayda or Firecracker had ever taken an 'official' lesson and I rode Cherokee and he hadn't either - not that it matters much, riding is riding. I actually learned something new (figured I 'couldn't' since I pretty much just walk now!) - Dara was having us work on some moving away from leg pressure (turns on the fore and rear ends, walk halt transitions and leg yeilds) and Cherokee was shaking his head a lot afterwards. Dara said it was what happened when they started getting their ligaments in their neck loosened up!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one trying this out. My last lesson I was discouraged by all I need to learn & then teach Farah...

  6. 2-3-13
    3.47 mi
    8.66 mi YTD

    Our 'annual' anniversary ride for my sweety and me. Nate road our 'new' horse Z - his sister's horse we got given last year, whose papers had been lost, I called and found out her reg name, Z's Golden Sugar Babe, she'd been dubed Blondee b/c she's a very light Palomino and Jayda and I convinced him to call her Z, or Z Babe. :-)

  7. Awww., so nice that you and Nate got to ride. Hope Z gave Nate a nice ride :-)

    1. Okay, but she'd lost her head like she had with me when he'd taken her out around the section the day before. *sigh* Strange 10 yr old; she seems to know some stuff, but has a hard time keeping her wits about her... 'course what am I saying, Cherokee's 13 and looses his head now and then still!

  8. 2-6-13
    2.04 mi
    10.70 mi YTD

    Jayda and I rode together. Me on Cherokee, Jayda on the old mare - we found out neither could handle it real well when the neighbor a mile down brought her buckskin by at a fast conditioning pace! So, we played leap frog the half mile home with our two trying to keep both horses listening and mostly strait.

  9. 2-13-13
    2.23 miles
    12.93 mi YTD

    Diane picked my butt, and butthead horse up to hit the trail today. Oh my goodness, I went out first with my walker (walk aid walker, not a horse), no one would let me catch them and I couldn't get through the hay around the round bale well, so I came back for my power chair - damn horses ran circles around the bale and nearly drained my machine's battery and Diane STILL had to walk out there and catch Clue! Met a new to me rider from near here and had an enjoyable ride at the park near my place on a GORGEOUS 50 degree Feburary day here in Nebraska! Diane and Sandy then went out for another 4 miles while I sat and recooped. :-)

  10. 2-17-13
    4.48 miles
    17.41 mi YTD

    Shoulda turned around when I was thinking of it. Ended up with a crabby daughter and 2 ornry horses, so, for the first time ever, I had my hubby come pick my horse and me up about a mile from home 'cause my body was definitely saying I was done... and had my riding partner been more interested in just riding and not snipping at and arguing everything single thing, i.e. her horse, my horse, anything I'd say, I'm sure I could've just hooked my reins and rode out the last mile+. Oh well, lesson learned - be totally aware and in tune with everything when riding with a preteen! lol

  11. Oh yes, the joys of a preteen daughter :-) I remember it well....
    Glad you got a ride in though, it was a beautiful day!

  12. 3-31-13
    .95 miles
    2.5 miles
    Totaling 20.86 mi YTD

    Got a new Garmin and (basically) gave my one from last year to Jayda... lots to learn yet on it. Finally got back out on Easter for a short ride, but rocks on the road were too bad... and figured I shouldn't push it, so went home. Today was the first Platte River Riders ride of 2013.

  13. Success - used my new etrex's way point mapping and got my first good ride in, almost a month!!

    3.1 miles
    23.96 mi YTD

    1. Oh, tracks:

      Was a windy, windy day, but I almost didn't notice it - riding again felt so good! Being up on a horse really is where I feel best, especially on my Clue. Really is my legs.

  14. 4-28-13
    2.09 mi
    26.05 mi YTD

  15. 5-8-13
    3.11 mi
    29.16 YTD

    Platte River Riders ride, the second I've been able to make it to since the start of the season last month - silly rain, and snow, and children's activities. Amazing to look back and see I went almost 5 miles in February, because I barely made the 3 tonight!!

  16. 5-10-13
    1.46 mi
    30.62 mi YTD

  17. 5-15-13
    3.67 mi
    34.29 mi YTD

    Olive Creek PRR on Clue, with Mary, Lisa, Sue and Jayda
    Time: 1:38:16
    Moving Time: 1:21:04
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.7 mph
    Max Speed: 3.9 mph

  18. 5-28-13
    .66 mi
    34.95 mi YTD

    Actually trotted - without holding saddle! Rode my Clue with Jayda while I tried to get her cantering some.

  19. 6-5-13
    1.35 mi
    36.3 mi YTD

    Just scooting in under the wire! lol Worked Cherokee at Jayda's 4H practice since he's her back-up horse.

  20. 6-12-13
    4.74 mi
    41.04 mi YTD

    Woo hoo! Shortest amount of time I've spent resting in a ride yet (I'll have to look through last year's DD). Felt good to get out with friends again, since I've missed the last couple rides to go with my daughter to her 4H practices.
    Time: 1:47:33
    Moving Time: 1:40:02
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 4.8 mph

  21. You are doing awesome! Over 40 miles :-)

  22. 7-3-13
    2.7 mi
    45.07 mi YTD
    Funny tracks because I altered between watching 4H practice and working Cherokee. Didn't record my indoor miles either. Oh well, I trotted over a small jump, just for fun, too. :-)

  23. 7-28-13
    .6 mi
    45.67 mi YTD

    Stole a ride on my husband's horse after we showed him, again, to who should be his new owner by the end of next week. Would've gone longer, but still really needing two hands for steering. Darn, I'm out of shape. Oh well, fair's over and I can start doing at least my Wed rides again!


  24. 8-7-13
    1.72 mi
    47.39 mi YTD

    PRR ride at wagon train lake sra. Started great, moved into a mart trail in very closed in cedars, and then hit a downed fence that wasn't there the last time any of us had been there. Rider in the lead had dismounted and was leading her horse, but she didn't see the wire and the horse caught a rear leg and got all kinds of tore up.

  25. 9-2-13
    2.64 mi
    50.03 mi YTD

    Short little morning ride at the rec area by my place with my daughter, Jayda, and Diane. Gorgeous morning for it, especially after the heat wave we had here all last week. THANK YOU Diane... lol you were with me when I crossed 200 last year and with me when I crossed 50 today, only 150 to try and log in the next 4 months now. lol

  26. Nice ride, in great weather, with wonderful friends....doesn't get better then that! Congrats on getting to 50 miles :-)

  27. 9-4-13
    5.74 mi
    55.77 mi YTD

    Had a great ride with my childhood friend who'd started me riding... even though I about got ripped of my horse twice by trees when we where lost! She had a fantastic 3 yr old and I had my 20 yr old *first horse*, Clue.
    Time: 2:55:29
    Moving Time: 2:13:36
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.6 mph
    Cannot believe we spent a total of about 45 minutes trying to find our way out! rofl

  28. 9-11-13
    2.61 mi
    58.38 mi YTD

    Rode my Cherokee at the rec area near us - I'll tell you what, those 3 miles on him were a lot more painful than on Clue last week! Probably why I try and give Clue to guest riders. lol Days are definitely getting shorter. :-(

  29. 9-18-13
    4.18 mi
    62.56 mi YTD

    Straight down and back on the shared use rails-to-trails near us. I rode Clue and my daughter gave her old (25) mare a break, since the weather's been all over the place again, and rode Cherokee.
    Time: 1:47:53
    Moving Time: 1:23:14
    Avg Moving Speed: 3.0 mph
    Max Speed: 5.3 mph

  30. 10-7-13
    2.16 mi
    64.72 mi YTD

    Time: 1:27:34
    Moving Time: 50:54
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
    Max Speed: 3.9 mph

  31. 11-2-13
    3.17 mi
    67.89 mi YTD
    Time: 1:56:35
    Moving Time: 1:07:42
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 3.7 mph
    Been a LONG time since I rode, though I have driven my pony a couple times - just haven't recorded it... though will tomorrow when I go back out to see her.

  32. 11-3-13
    .96 mi
    68.85 mi YTD
    You can tell I was arena - I need to work on my corners! Midnight is my 6 yr old mini/shetland who just got started driving a couple months ago. I've driven her 2 times before in the indoor arena, tonight was my first trip out to the outdoor and up and down the driveway and in the front yard. I trot faster driving than riding.
    Time: 36:04
    Moving Time: 23:05
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.5 mph
    Max Speed: 4.7 mph

  33. 11-9-13
    2.66 mi
    71.51 mi YTD

    Moving Time: 57:44
    Elapsed Time: 1:17:49
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 3.6 mph
    It was a gorgeous day and my mom is visiting for my son's 3rd birthday, so my hubby and I went for a ride. BOTH our horses didn't agree with our thinking! So what we were hoping was going to be a nice, romantic ride ended up being a schooling ride through the field and down the road.

  34. 11-10-13
    1.45 mi
    72.96 mi YTD

    2nd lesson with Midnight, my pony, driving her outside. She did great! I, on the other hand, need to learn to have a lot more patience with her. Probably comes from not really having driven much of young horses! She has got, IMO, an amazing attitude for a 6 year old pony. Loving this girl!!
    Moving Time: 38:51
    Elapsed Time: 49:21
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.2 mph
    Max Speed: 8.5 mph
    Fun tracks tonight. :-)

  35. 11-20-13
    1.12 mi
    74.08 mi YTD

    Big snowstorm's a coming so my girl and I headed out to see what got changed in the field when the neighbor's worked it and get one last ride in.
    Moving Time: 27:24
    Elapsed Time: 4:20:16
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.4 mph
    Max Speed: 3.3 mph

  36. 12-15-13
    2.51 mi
    76.59 mi YTD

    Working out a little must be helping! It's been about 2 wks since I last rode and I got some good trot work in. :-)
    Moving Time: 53:46
    Elapsed Time: 1:05:27
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
    Max Speed: 5.0 mph

  37. 12-27-13
    .94 mi
    77.53 mi YTD

    Moving Time: 22:53
    Elapsed Time: 39:37
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.5 mph
    Max Speed: 3.2 mph

  38. 12-28-13
    .67 mi
    78.2 mi YTD

    First drive with my pony Midnight at my house!
    Moving Time: 18:37
    Elapsed Time: 23:21
    Avg Moving Speed: 2.2 mph
    Max Speed: 3.9 mph

  39. Well, not even the 100 I was hoping for this year, but not terrible either. Thanks Diane!!

  40. Yeah, but you drove your pony! What a great accomplishment :-) Congrats!


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