Friday, December 28, 2012

Team 23 - Reuther

Hi my name is Sandy Reuther and I live in rural northwest Kansas.  I enjoy trail riding and camping out with my horses, friends and family.  I have an 18 year old paint who is my trail buddy and a green broke 7 year old spotted draft that needs lots of trail time.  I look forward to riding "with" you this year.  Happy Trails to all of you!



  1. Date: 1/2/2013
    Miles: 2.6
    Miles to date: 2.6
    I got started,yeah me! It was cold, windy, and a wonderful day to ride!

  2. Date: 1/3/13
    Miles: 0.9
    Miles to date: 3.5
    Doc miles to date: 2.6
    Gypsy miles to date: 0.9
    A short ride with lots of training added in. I got about 1/4 of a mile from the house and the youngster decides to spin toward home and buck. After she tried this a few times I got off and did ground work until she was clam and listening. I then got back on and went a little further away from home and then serpentined all the way back to the barn. Not a bad start for the 17 hand green spotted draft.

  3. Date: 1/19/13
    Miles to date: 6
    Miles: 2.5
    Doc miles to date: 2.6
    Gypsy miles to date: 3.4
    Took Gypsy out today to try and get her going again. She did well with just a little buck thrown in once. She just gets so excited when new stuff happens and doesn't know how to handle it. Looking forward to when she takes everything in stride and I can relax a bit.

  4. Date 2/17/13
    Miles to date: 7.07
    Doc miles to date: 2.60
    Gypsy miles to date: 4.47
    Today I just did a passenger lesson on Gypsy. She needs to learn that I am not going to micro manage her and she can relax and enjoy the ride. I need to learn that I will not die if I don't micro manage her and that I can relax and enjoy the ride. It went really well and we got 1.07 miles and never left the round pen.

  5. Date 3/2/13
    Miles to date: 8.95
    Miles: 1.88
    Doc miles to date: 4.04
    Gypsy: 4.91
    First ride on Doc in 2 months. He did really well. We are switching over to natural horsemanship and we are both kind of lost but making progress.
    Took Gypsy out and just rode around the house. Went back and forth past the driveway until she could walk calmly by and not react. She then got to be put away. They are both starting to shed like crazy. Bring on spring!

  6. Date 3/9/13
    Miles to date: 10.11
    Miles: 1.16
    Doc miles to date: 5.20
    Gypsy: 4.91
    Just got out and did a short ride so I could ride this week before the next wave of snow comes through. Not complaining about the snow. Thank God for the moisture.

  7. Date 3/19/13
    Miles to date: 17.37
    Miles: 7.26
    Doc miles to date: 12.46
    Gypsy: 4.91
    Went on a ride with another derby rider who did their first ride of the year today. I worked with Doc on dragging jugs behind him before she got here. It was a beautiful day for a ride.

  8. Date 3/31/13
    Miles to date: 19.17
    Miles: 1.80
    Doc miles to date: 14.26
    Gypsy: 4.91
    Doc and I worked for a while on him responding to my seat and me not relying on the reins. He did really well. Maybe it was because I clipped off all of his 3-4 inches of hair and he no longer looks like a woolly mammoth. After Doc and I played around for a little bit I ponied my daughters 2 year old out through the fields. It started out a bit rough but everyone was happy by the time we were done. Finished up by digging out Doc's turn out rug so he doesn't freeze since it's supposed to snow/rain tomorrow. Beautiful day to go play with the horses.

  9. Date 4/13/13
    Miles to date: 19.77
    Miles: 0.6
    Doc miles to date: 14.86
    Gypsy: 4.91
    Doc and I are signed up for an ACTHA ride next weekend. We have set up a system where he gets nervous at the obstacles. When he gets nervous, I get angry and everything falls apart.Today we worked on doing the barrel pinwheel in a calm manner. My brave daughter was a big help. I say brave because to tell your tense, angry mother that she is tense and angry takes a bit of courage. With her help, Doc and I were calmly doing the pinwheel by the time we were done. Tomorrow we will start at the pinwheel, then, when we are calmly doing that we will move on to dragging things behind us.

  10. Date 4/19/13 and 4/20/13
    Miles YTD: 29
    Miles: 1.5 on 4/19 and 7.73 on 4/20
    Doc YTD: 24.09
    Gypsy YTD: 4.91
    Doc and I went to an ACTHA ride. We practiced on the 19th and competed on the 20th. Doc did much better at staying calm but still was nervous at a couple obstacles. We finished 7th out of 13 and I am happy with our progress. The high point of the weekend was when my daughter, Becca, won first place. To make it more special it was her 21st birthday. She competed on her large mustang pony, Belle, and has done all the training herself. This was only their 2nd time going to ACTHA rides and last time did not go very well. I am so proud of her. I may be a little irked that the student has surpassed the teacher, but mostly proud.

  11. So cool about your ACTHA ride :-) Tell your daughter congrats and happy 21st b-day!

  12. Date 4/25/13
    Miles YTD: 29.87
    Miles: 0.87
    Doc YTD: 24.50
    Gypsy YTD: 5.37
    Just played around in the round pen with Doc doing the pin wheel and Gypsy calmly walking and trotting.

  13. Date 4/28/13
    Miles YTD: 32.11
    Miles: 2.24
    Doc YTD: 24.50
    Gypsy YTD: 7.61
    Rode Gypsy on a short trail ride today. Need to get miles with me on her. I get nervous when I ride her and it is not her fault. We have come a long way but still have a long way to go. I did put a stick on her today and she measured out at a bit over 17 hands. It is not an official measurement because it wasn't entirely level, but it's close.

  14. Date 5/4/13
    Miles YTD: 35.20
    Miles: 3.09
    Doc YTD: 26.68
    Gypsy YTD: 8.52
    Today Doc and I worked on the pin-wheel for a while and he did really well. Then we went out into the fields and I encouraged him to go forward and lighten his front end. It is taking a while for him to trust that I am not going to micro manage him. That I will let him move forward without trying to force him into a frame. We are becoming a much better team. Gypsy and I worked in the round pen on flexing and staying balanced on all four feet when doing small circles at the walk. She is moving much better off my seat and I am doing better at not over using my hands. I think spring may be here finally. YEAH!

  15. Date 5/23/13
    Miles YTD: 39.14
    Miles: 3.94
    Doc YTD: 30.18
    Gypsy YTD: 9.06
    Rode Doc for a while and worked on getting him relaxed everywhere yet obedient. Then I saddled the 2 year old for the first time and ponied her from Doc. Flicka did great especially since I had thought she had had a saddle on before but she had only ever had a bareback pad on. I saddled her like she had been saddled before and she stood there like and old pro. When we got back Doc and I worked on the pinwheel and Doc did amazingly well. He did not even offer to scoot away. Then I got Gypsy out and was going to ride a few miles and then remembered that I had to go pick up my newly spade pup from the vet. Oh well, Gypsy and I will go farther tomorrow.

  16. Date 6/3/13
    Miles YTD: 40.63
    June miles: 1.49
    Miles: 1.49
    Doc YTD: 30.18
    Gypsy YTD: 10.55
    Was going to ride both today but Doc was favoring his right hind.Gave him a bath, put pro spot on him since he's allergic to bugs, put swat all over his bum where he has rubbed off hair, gave him some bute, and put him away. Hopefully he'll get better quickly. With Gypsy I was determined to get her out and away from the house. We rode about 3/4 mile out and she did well. No spin and buck. I kept her mind busy without being in her face all the time. She was nervous and called to her friends a few times but remained obedient and calm. We are making progress and will soon be able to go and do anything.

  17. Date 6/7/13
    Miles YTD: 50.01
    June miles: 10.87
    Miles: 9.38
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 16.25
    Both the horses needed to be rode but I wanted to go on a long ride so I saddled them both and started out by ponying Gypsy while riding Doc. I can ride Doc without warm up but I always do ground work with Gypsy so I figure starting on him would be the safest. Gypsy could mentally collect herself while being lead by Doc. After 3.68 miles I switched steeds and rode Gypsy the last 5.7 miles. She did really well. I think it helped get her used to trails (actually dirt roads) without having to be out there by herself. By the time we got back both her and I had relaxed and could enjoy the ride.

  18. Date 6/11/13
    Miles YTD: 52.05
    June miles: 12.91
    Miles: 2.04
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 18.29
    It was just Gypsy and I this morning. No friends for her or I. This is outside our comfort zone but the necessary next step. We did great. No spins, bucks, or whinnying. We walked around the block (around the quarter we live by) and just had a relaxing fun ride. We worked on lateral moves, giving at the pole, and getting the weight on the hind quarters and off her front. Not too bad for a 17 hand spotted draft.

  19. Sure understand the "outside your comfort zone". I have a new horse and I am starting to ride him by ourselves. I don't ride by myself on my mare cuz she freaks, but my new gelding seems OK with it :-)

  20. Date 6/20/13
    Miles YTD: 54.14
    June miles: 15.00
    Miles: 2.09
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 20.38
    My friend has come in town to go to horse bootcamp next week. The only time she rides is when she is here. We rode around the block to get her re accustomed to riding. She rode Doc, I rode Gypsy and my daughter rode her mustang. The horses all behaved and the riders all survived. It was a good ride.

  21. Date 6/22/13
    Miles YTD: 56.49
    June miles: 17.25
    Miles: 2.25
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 22.63
    Rode Gypsy to get her and my friend ready for boot camp. Found mistake in my last entry, YTD should have been 54.24.

  22. Date 6/23/13
    Miles YTD: 61.27
    June miles: 22.03
    Miles: 4.78
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 27.41
    Bootcamp day 1: trail ride

  23. Date 6/24/13
    Miles YTD: 67.69
    June miles: 28.45
    Miles: 6.42
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 33.83
    Bootcamp day 2: Arena lessons and trail ride

  24. Date 6/26/13
    Miles YTD: 86.29
    June miles: 47.05
    Miles: 18.60
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 52.43
    Bootcamp day 3 and 4: Arena lessons on day 3 and trail ride to the lake and swimming with the horses on day 4.

  25. Date 6/28/13
    Miles YTD: 91.09
    June miles: 51.85
    Miles: 4.80
    Doc YTD: 33.86
    Gypsy YTD: 57.23
    Finish up of a great week of boot camp.

  26. Date 7/4/2013
    Miles YTD: 93.05
    July miles: 1.96
    Miles: 1.96
    Doc YTD: 35.82
    Gypsy YTD: 57.23
    Oberlin parade for 4th of July.

  27. Date 7/9/2013
    Miles YTD: 94.72
    July miles: 3.63
    Miles: 1.67
    Doc YTD: 36.49
    Gypsy YTD: 58.23
    Rode both the horses at the Tripple Creek Riders Saddle Club. I shared with a friend and took a turn on each one.

  28. Date 7/30-31/2013
    Miles YTD: 100.46
    July miles: 9.37
    Miles: 5.74
    Doc YTD: 42.23
    Gypsy YTD: 58.23
    Spent the last 2 evenings practicing with Doc for this weekend's open/4H show. Finally broke 100 miles! Woohoo!

  29. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  30. Date 8/3/2013
    Miles YTD: 103.81
    July miles: 12.72
    Miles: 3.35
    Doc YTD: 45.58
    Gypsy YTD: 58.23
    Rode Doc in the local 4H/open show. Everyone had a good time and the weather was beautiful. It was overcast and in the 70's. All the horses were a little crazy but everyone did well.

  31. Date 8/17/2013
    Miles YTD: 106.09
    Miles: 2.28
    Doc YTD: 45.58
    Gypsy YTD: 60.51
    I took Gypsy and rode in a clinic at the local saddle club. We did well but need to work on responsiveness as well as transitions, especially canter departs. Horses are amazing!

  32. Date 8/24/2013
    Miles YTD: 113.37
    Miles: 7.28
    Doc YTD: 52.86
    Gypsy YTD: 60.51
    I did my first ACTHA ride of the new season. I actually placed 6th out of 16. I am thrilled because 2 seasons ago I won NE but last season I crashed because Doc and I decided obstacles were scary and almost took out a few judges. Yesterday he was calm and obedient for the most part. Still had a couple mistakes but I am thrilled at how far we have come back. At least I made it back in the ribbons.

  33. Date 9/14/2013
    Miles YTD: 114.91
    Miles: 1.54
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 61.48
    It has been almost a month since I have taken the time to ride.That's what happens when you work at a high school. A student wanted to learn to ride so I invited him and a friend to come ride. They were a no show so went on a trail ride on Gypsy and worked on obstacles with Doc. Then the kids and one of the parents showed up right as I was putting Doc away. Drag Doc back out and introduce two troubled teens to horses. It was a good day. Hopefully they will come back both so I get out there more and so they can find healing with the horses.

  34. Date 9/22/2013
    Miles YTD: 117.25
    Miles: 2.34
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 63.82
    Had saddle club practice and rode Gypsy. She was about as responsive as a brick. Time to do some more ground work and teach some responsiveness.

  35. Date 10/12/2013
    Miles YTD: 119.34
    Miles: 2.09
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 65.91
    Rode Gypsy around the block. I just needed to get out and ride. I had to put Doc down on Oct. 2. I will miss him terribly. I need to make sure that I don't blame Gypsy for not being him. By the time I won Gypsy for 14 years she will be as easy to ride as Doc was.

  36. So sorry to read about Doc :-( Hugs for you. Always hard to make that difficult decision.

  37. Date 10/20/2013
    Miles YTD: 120.42
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 66.99
    I took Gypsy out by ourselves with no other horses. This is not in her comfort zone and therefore makes me nervous. We did lots of mini serpentines and she did pretty well. She only spun and bucked once and we just went back to serpentines. It reminded me a lot of riding Doc through these fields 14 years ago and wondering if he would ever be a good partner. He did; he became an amazing partner. Well, I had the realization that Gypsy will get there too. We will get there together.

  38. Date 11/28/2013
    Miles YTD: 121.68
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 68.25
    Rode Gypsy in the pen and worked on her being responsive to my pelvis. Needless to say, we are a work in progress. It is going to be a long process with only 45 minutes of daylight after work. She was much better at the end than in the beginning.

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  40. Date 11/29/2013
    Miles YTD: 122.82
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 69.39
    Good day on Gypsy. she is starting to work more off my legs and seat than off my hands. That is, when I offer legs and seat instead of reverting to old bad habits. I can't wait until hunting season is over and I feel more comfortable out in the fields instead of riding just in the round pen. With a 17 hand horse, I need room to roam.

  41. Date 11/29/2013
    Miles YTD: 123.53
    Doc YTD: 53.43
    Gypsy YTD: 70.10
    Rode Gypsy and worked 2 others. Everybody did well and Gypsy and I did really well together. Starting to get the hang of working off seat and legs.


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