Sunday, December 9, 2012

Team 24 - Yellow!



My name is Lisa Harder. I live in Plainview Nebraska with my husband, our three kids, four horses, three dogs, and four barn cats. I just started riding as an adult a few of years ago. I am loving every minute of it!!

This is my first year in the big DD.  I'm really excited about it!  I was lucky to ride a long with a few DD participants last year, and have decided to give it a try myself.  I am not looking to place first, but my goal is to reach around the 400 mile mark this year.

My main ride and best horse ever is Pal. He is a coming 19 year old grade palomino gelding. Pal used to have a job working on a ranch.  But for the last two years he has been toting me along trail. :)

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible out on the trail!!


  1. Lisa Harder

    I am in the Derby!!!

  2. First ride for the Distance Derby! It was a COLD one. I could not have gone one more step! LOL

    Pal 3.58 miles.

    Miles 3.58 Total miles YTD 3.58

    1. Great start Lisa! I talked myself OUT of riding in the cold last week. brrrrrrrr

  3. A balmy 40 degrees out. ;) Figured I had better take advantage of that. I rode Pal and ponied Rachel on Holly.

    Pal 2.18 miles

    YTD miles 5.76

  4. Yee Haw! We got to move cattle today. The people I bought my horse from were moving cattle and asked if I would like to "help". I had so much fun. We moved them, sorted them, them moved some back. Beautiful day for January in Nebraska.

    Pal 6.69 miles

    YTD miles 12.45

  5. We rode today!! Has been a while. Muddy so just stuck to the road.

    Pal 2.12 miles

    YTD miles 14.57

  6. Finally back in the Saddle. First horse camping of the season... an impromptu overnight trip to Willow Creek. Rode with Sherry and her new horse Sandy. Ponied Rachel the whole time! She and Holly did great. :)

    Pal 4.37 miles

    Pal 2.64 miles

    YTD miles 21.58

    1. I thought about seeing if you wanted to go to Willow to camp last weekend! I was wondering if it was worth the long trip to Bader Park. But I had a good time at Bader! Sounds like you had a great time too. Can't wait to see Rachel & Holly together :)! We will have to plan to ride together soon.

    2. Yes we will!!! She is trying to talk me into letting her come to Turkey Creek with me this week for your B day.... LOL I told her it was a 'big girl' ride. Maybe in a couple years. ;)

  7. 5/9/10 At BO with Tammy and Marvel!!

    Pal 3.59 miles

    5/10/13 FBMDR!!!! I finally made it there!!!

    Pal 14.62 miles

    Miles YTD 39.76

  8. 5/15/13

    Turkey Creek

    Joe 2.64 miles
    Pal 4.37 miles


    Pal 4.75 miles

    Miles YTD 51.52


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